How To THINK Like A Poker Pro [Flop Strategy Analysis]

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In this video, I'm going to show you how to think about poker hands like high stakes end-boss, Jason Koon. A few weeks ago Jason Koon released a blog post entitled 'It's the Same Game But It Isn't'. In it, he talks about how the game moves slower at the highest stakes because decisions are now much more complex and this doesn’t usually translate to a great spectacle for the average viewer. \r In the blog he even says that players competing at the highest levels in poker are faced with similarly complex situations that are difficult to solve, and often it's challenging to understand what these players are thinking about without a fundamental understanding of game theory. \r He goes on to discuss a typical thought process during a hand by listing some example questions that he's trying to answer during one of these 10-30 second decision points, so today I thought it would be great to show you how to answer those questions using PIOSolver.\r We're going to take longer than that, but the idea is that the more of this kind of analysis you do away from the table, the quicker you'll get in the heat of the battle.\r Now I'm not going to begin to think I can analyse on the same level as Jason Koon, but I can certainly show you the methodology or the how-to if you will, to set you on the path to his level of mastery. Link to Jason's blog post: SUBSCRIBE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT TOURNAMENT POKER STRATEGY:\r\r FOLLOW US AND GIVE US A LIKE: \r Facebook ➤\r Instagram ➤\r Twitch ➤\r Twitter ➤ \r LISTEN TO POKER ON THE MIND, GARETH'S PODCAST WITH DR TRICIA CARDNER:\r\r JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP:\r\r SIGN UP FOR POKER TRAINING:\r and\r Gareth James is a professional poker player and coach, specialising in tournament poker, tournament mathematics and ICM. In 2016, he worked with Matt Berkey (Solve For Why, Results May Vary Vlogumentary) before and during the $300,000 Super High Roller Bowl, focusing on ICM. He has also coached many MTT grinders who have final tabled, won and chopped various tournaments on PokerStars and PartyPoker including The Sunday Million and The Super Tuesday.