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Daniel “Jungleman” Cates says Libratus’ AI triumph against humanity shouldn’t be cause for panic. https://www.paulphuapoker.com/dan-cates-ai/ Daniel Cates has been accused of having a brain like a super computer, but how does he feel about recent developments in poker-playing artificial intelligence (AI) and its newfound success against the human race? Paul Phua Poker decided to find out. Has AI software like ͞Liberatus͟ soilved heads-up no limit hold͛em? Is this the death of online poker? Dan Cates: The fact that ͚Libratus͛ beat all these pros: firstly, it means that computers – or ͚bots͛– are pretty much on the way to solving no-limit, or have solved it, or whatever. I mean, of course, not all bots play like Libratus. You know, just because a game is ͚solved͛, I͛ve found, it doesn͛t mean everyone plays well at it. It͛s not as though as soon as something comes out everyone has started using it, or learned immediately from it. That is not at all the case, as it turns out. For example, limit hold͛em, which is a game I thought would have been dead ages ago, because it was solved many years ago, is far from dead, as I discovered when I was playing limit hold͛em on PokerStars. And I played in Bobby͛s Room too, and people were doing things that were clearly... like the easiest things in the world... like pre-flop – they were just, like, doing things totally wrong, and over and over. Whereas if they͛d just studied the bot they͛d probably not do this – for very big stakes, actually. So, even though solutions come out, people are going to not play perfect – and that͛s very much the case. For more videos about AI visit: https://youtu.be/CPDoFXLaT4Y For more videos featuring Dan Cates aka 'Jungleman' visit: https://youtu.be/NQfkwtU7Bcg https://youtu.be/HoPSbovwI8E https://youtu.be/P__E5uGZuH0 https://youtu.be/unIsYF4e2eI https://youtu.be/XIOFoIjnwq4 https://youtu.be/RcpnCznwgD0 https://youtu.be/2sgX5NCDMiY